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The heart of photography is not in taking "photos". I've come to learn that photography is merely a blip of a gorgeous moment in life. Fortunately, we place a lot of value in that blip. For those of you who follow the TV show, The Walking Dead. In the first episode, Rick looks for his wife after waking in the hospital. When he finally makes it home, he realizes that his wife had escaped in time because PHOTO albums were missing. Of all the prized possession in that home, she took the albums in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. 

In the new "Man of Steel" movie, after the bad guys from Krypton attack Superman's childhood home, Superman comes back to check on his mother and guess what she's doing... collecting her PHOTO albums. She's not collecting her jewelry, expensive sheets, etc... she's collecting her prints. This is why we invest into our products. Did you know that we print our images on Kodak Endura. Kodak Endura is the best quality prints in the world! They are meant to last 100 years, unless of course Kryptonite enemies attack your home, but think of that quality! 

So, my point, Jennifer and Edgard's wedding was amazing. They had a beautiful ceremony at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Horizon City, then we took some shots in downtown, then we headed over to the El Paso Club for the reception. 

During their first dance, they broke out into a John Travolta/Uma Thurman, Pulp Fiction remake and tore it up on the dance floor. The event was just right. No craziness or drama, just two folks having a blast and celebrating with family and close friends. These are the kind of events that we live for. Now that they're coming in to see their photos, we can proudly recreate their day with their images AND select the prints (to be printed on Kodak Endura) and book (BEAUTIFUL hard cover leather) along with pages that are thick, beautiful and are smudge proof, fingerprint proof and even WATERPROOF! How about that for quality!

Thank you Jennifer & Edgard for your trust in our studio and we look forward to our meeting and any future events we may have together. Ok, back to work! :)


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