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I became really close to a bride and groom. From the moment they came into the studio... the mom was amazing... the couple was amazing and they even brought another friend who was getting married with them...I knew we had an amazing pair of weddings heading our way. 

So, the first wedding gets here. The church service was beautiful and then we get to the reception. It was a full on party! So, the dancing begins and the dancing "circles" start. One of the brides pushes me into the middle of the circle. I just blank out. Total deer and headlights moment. As gracefully as I can, I just kinda step out. Then the same bride drags my video guy into the middle of the dance circle and same exact reaction. Total shock. :)  

Then, the groom pushes Lorenza (owner/photographer) into the dance floor and the crowd was probably expecting the same "deer and headlights" reaction but she starts to dance! Everyone lost it. Great moment, great wedding, great times. 

I share this story because this video reminds me of how you can be taken by surprise and still come out graceful. Not everyone was ready for such a "fun" moment like in this elevator video but when you just let go and have a blast; the life just pours out. 

I'm sure if I had the "dance circle" moment again, I'd have a lot more fun with it. Cause all I know is that if anyone breaks out into song while i"m in an elevator with em'... I'm gonna have to break out a little "Running Man" action and play along. Life can be fun that way. ;)



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