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Dear Parent,  


If you have a child that loves & believes in Santa, you

have this opportunity to treat them to a magical 

Santa Experience!


Here's how it works.


Your kiddos will get a chance to actually interact with

Santa for 15 minutes. Everything from Santa asking what they want for Christmas

(great time to find out!), checking if they're on the

Naughty or Nice list, decorating the Christmas tree and maybe

even sing a carol or two! 


You get a front row seat to witness your child's face light 

up as they "hang out" with Santa Claus.


This is THE perfect chance to freeze time. An opportunity to capture your loved ones 

in a moment of joy and happiness.


You bring your child, we'll bring the magic!


This early announcement is exclusively for those parents that are looking 

to secure their session now, 100% private with no external interruptions, 

a first come first serve opportunity! 


The sessions for the Santa Experience are limited and

you can book your session from the link below.


We'll see you soon!


-the Santa Experience Elves


p.s. We know that Santa Experience may not be for everyone BUT

if you know of people in your circle that may be interested, will you please

forward them this email? Santa would appreciate it! :)    🎅