Lisa Sanchez - KLAQ Radio DJ - Mena Video Photography

June 05, 2015
Q & A with radio personality Lisa Sanchez from KLAQ 1. Your bio says that your mother enrolled you in ballet class to turn you into a lady, but it didn't work. What h...
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Chef David Benavidez - 150 Sunset - El Paso TX (Su Voz Latina Shoot)

February 02, 2015
If there is one thing I'm VERY grateful to have is a bunch of Chef friends. I was on assignment for a magazine and I met Chef David Benavidez. He was going to make "Duck...
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Quinceanera - El Paso Photographer - Omar Mena

February 01, 2015
It was a total time warp when I ran into this Quince and she told me that she was on her way to an ivy league college one evening at Village Inn. Here is a sample of her...
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Gypsy in Stilettos - Luciana Cazares - Farzad Farroknia - El Paso Photography

January 31, 2015
2009 was a big year for me. I left a job of 15 years to become a "full-time" photographer. I got my first studio and I had a hurricane of a year. But as luck would have i...
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Quinceanera - Terrazas - El Paso Quinceanera Photographer

January 30, 2015
One of the coolest things about being a photographer is when I get to keep doing the family events.:) This was a 2nd Quinceanera for this family and I had a blast. Our st...
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