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Q & A with radio personality Lisa Sanchez from KLAQ
1. Your bio says that your mother enrolled you in ballet class to turn you into a 
lady, but it didn't work. What happened?
I never really enjoyed dance. I had friends in there, and my sister danced too, but I always wanted to sing and play instruments. I asked my mother to put me in piano classes and she said no. She wanted me to learn how to dance. To this day, I still wish I would have been able to do music instead of dance. Or at least do both. 
2. Your turning point was first listening to Rammstein's "Du Hast", what other 
bands did you discover at the time? (Just the ones that made you feel like a unicorn mating 
with a Pegasus).
I was enrolled in a new ballet school, this one was a summer camp. The class I was enrolled in had a lot of high school kids in it, male and females. There was one male dancer who was on the wrestling team who did dance because his coach thought it would help his wrestling. One day in class during lunch, he put on Rammstein. Everyone else told him to turn it off but I was mesmerized. It was so powerful and mesmerizing to me. I had no idea what they were saying, but it struck something inside me. The same way some classical music affected me. It was music that I could see a story to. After that, I purchased the Chumbawumba album (which I still know many songs still to this day). The next year, Korn came out with Got The Life and I was hooked. M parents thought I was weird, but as long as I bought the music with my money they were okay. 
3. You're a regular on the festival circuit, are there any band(s) you wish would
get more recognition?
Tons! When Nothing More performed in El Paso, there was barely any people there, but they did one of my favorite sets I've seen at Tricky Falls. They put everything into their performance and it's a shame more people weren't there to see it. I also think bands like Dropkick Murphys, Bad Religion, Rise Against should all get more airplay. If you're into Sublime, check out Iration, Pepper, and Rebulution. GHOST! Ghost should be huge. Plus Huntress, Sabaton, there's so many. So many quality bands out there that works their ases off, make amazing music and deserve to be huge. I love going to shows and discovering new music.
4. Are there any groups you wish to see to see live that you haven't yet?
Metallica! But I'm going to check that off my bucket list this weekend at the X Games. Black Sabbath and Blink 182 both come in 2nd. 
5. You have a major love of your life, Tubby, tell us about him.
Tubby is my pug and he's the coolest dog ever. He farts, he snores, he twitches in his sleep and he falls off the bed a lot. But he's the coolest. I love taking him to bars with me, people love him. I know he's a rescue dog and I technically rescued him, but honestly, he's the one that rescues me everyday. Whether I'm in a bad mood, having a bad day, having a great day or super tired, he's always there. 
6. What is something most people may not know about you?
I'm shy. If I don't know someone, I'm actually pretty quiet and shy. And boring. I spend most nights at home cooking, or working. 
7. Who is your musical guilty pleasure?
I have a lot. I like a lot of different music. Cheesy early 2000s pop, the queen of scorned exes Taylor Swift, and Disney movie songs. 
8. If you hadn't met Courtney Nelson, what do you think you'd be doing?
GREAT question. I honestly have no idea. When kids are little, they want to run away and join the circus. My dream was to run away and join Warped Tour. Probably would have worked for a company that went on festival tours. Somehow, it would still involve music.
9. Aside from waking up at 3am, what do you miss from being on the morning
Ha! I hated waking up that early. I miss naps. I used to get off early enough that I could come home and spend the day napping and hanging out with Tubby, then go to the gym. 
10. Scott Ronson, has become a bit of an institution in El Paso. Can you share 
a Ronson story? 
Oh man, there's so many. I guess his cat. Scott has this cat outside the station that he used to feed, he even made her a little house to sleep in. The cat never used it and he was annoyed. He would hang outside and the cat would just stare at him. I feel like the cat got him. Give him his space, and he'll feed you. Give the cat her space, and she'll walk closer to you. She's still at the station to this day. 
11. Is there anything you'd like to share with your audience? 
Always come and say hi to me when you see me! I'll see you at the show. 
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